Lauren Kinsey Photography

Lauren Kinsey Photography


When we began doing work in weddings, we knew we wanted to give brides a completely different experience than they could find anywhere else. From the moment we first meet with our clients, our process is immersive and intentional. We are dedicated to giving our clients a unique, personal event that speaks to them and represents who they are as a couple. Many planners work on 70 or 80 events per year, which leaves them little time to devote to creating a unique experience for each client. If you are looking for someone to mimic the exact same event you've seen somewhere else, we are probably not the best fit for you. We only take on a few full-service clients per year, and we devote everything we have to creating something special, memorable, and beautiful for those couples. Our goal is to create moments that evoke feelings of warmth, happiness, and romance. We believe even the subtlest of details can change the feeling of a space. From the way a tablecloth drapes and pools on the floor, to the way a candle flickers and melts, aesthetic subtleties are what make the difference in creating beautiful, timeless, authentic moments. 


We offer several services so that you can choose what you feel like you need assistance with and what you do not. These are the services we offer:


We offer full service floral design services, including personals (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc), ceremony florals and installations, and reception florals like centerpieces, floral table runners, floral cake decoration, etc. Pricing for floral design is completely custom and based on the exact floral elements that you need to create your dream event.


We offer creative direction as an add-on service to our floral design services. If you choose to book creative direction services, we would be at your disposal to help you choose every creative detail of your wedding, from the perfect invitations to the table linens and flatware. We can help with wardrobe, sourcing decor, selecting a venue, choosing the right photographer, and any other important aesthetic details. 


Day-of styling is an add-on service where one of our stylists will assist on the wedding day, working with your photographer to create the perfect images of all your important details. A day-of stylist can lay out your invitations, bouquets, jewelry, etc. for photography, and can even work with your photographer during your portraits to style the most romantic and flattering images.


If you choose to add on month-of coordination, our resident coordinator will assist you with any and all last minute details, including coordinating delivery and set up of any rentals and finalizing payments to vendors. She will create a wedding weekend schedule, coordinate your rehearsal and ceremony, and be the point of contact for any questions on the wedding day.